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Finding the products that can help you live in the country and enjoy your hobby farm, can be a challenge.  


Fencing - Gate LatchesTube gate with typical chain latch

Over the years we've installed many tube gates.   The challenge that we have is that most tube gates are secured with a snap chain that wraps around the gate to keep it shut and secure.   Unlocking the chain typically requires two hands which isn't always the easiest when you are dealing with animals.   About five years ago, we found a solution called "Sure Latch".  

Tube gate using Sure Latch (C) Rivers Critters Ranch This type of gate latch solves many of the challenges that we face.  It is designed to be opened with one hand and the gate can swing in either direction.  An added benefit is that this latch prevents the gate from sagging at the end.   For security purposes, you can padlock this latch.

The Sure Latch is easy to install.  Mount your gate and making sure it is level and swings properly.   Sure Latch (c) Rivers Critters RanchMount the latching mechanizm (we use lag bolts) and install the latching hardward on the gate.

To operate the latch, pull up the side you want the gate to go and push or pull the gate.   One final benefit of this latch is that it is hard for childern to operate and you can mount it high up on the gate post.